Master John

Exclusive Dry Cleaners

Master John are pleased to offer hand finished dry cleaning for specialist garments including:

  • Clerical robes
  • Regimental dress
  • Academic dress
  • Theatrical costumes
  • Function wear
  • Shoes and bags
  • and many more...

All garments are rigorously inspected by several professionals in order to ascertain the best way a garment should be cleaned and if it requires any special attention, be it stain removal or protective coverings for buttons, beads and sequins.

Any garments found to have stains, either minor or major, are processed by hand using a combination of time-tested traditional practises and modern technology in order to remove the stain if at all possible.

Garments are then subject to laundering, dry cleaning or hand cleaning procedures depending on their needs using the most advanced machinery and only the purest and gentlest of solvents.

Highly experienced professional pressers then give each and every garment that important personal touch with a meticulous hand finish.

Before any garment can be inspected for return to the client, any minor repairs, which are required, are completed including loose hems, open seams, loose buttons and missing buttons, et cetera.

Most garments will be individually packaged ensuring they remain in perfect condition until the time you next wish to wear them.


We all know that lurking at the back of many of our cupboards there are some long forgotten vintage garments either heirlooms or items we have purchased with the hope of rejuvenating. However most of these items are not protected or kept properly and are really showing their age. With our restoration service we can turn back the clock on these garments and revive them, bringing back their colours and textures to their original state.

Let us help you bring life back to your vintage garments and restore them to their original state.

HOUSEHOLd cleaning:

We also specialise in cleaning household items including duvets, pillows, blankets, sofa covers and curtains. All household cleaning is priced in store as it is dependant upon size, weight and materials. 

shoes and bags:

Master John are able to clean fabric shoes and bags, including silk wedding shoes. Using gentle spirits, our specialist is able to remove marks and general staining. Please see below for a recent example of work on silk shoes: